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  • Jewellery montreal : Care and Cleaning of Jewellery: Montreal Jewellers Share Their Tips
    A cosmopolitan city, Montreal is known all over the world for its fashion sense and great tourism attractions. It is also chock full of luxury jewellery stores. The next time you’re in Montreal, or downtown if you’re lucky enough to live here, plan on taking a little something special home with you. Statement necklaces, signature rings, handm
  • Jewellery montreal : Jewellery in Montreal: Unique Designs and Superior Craftsmanship
    Jewellery in Montreal: Unique Designs and Superior Craftsmanship Montreal is known for its European lifestyle and Montrealers are known for their strong fashion sense. The artisans at St-Onge Jeweller are dedicated to upholding Montreal’s reputation for unique style. If you’re looking for distinctive jewellery in Montreal, there is no bette